I've been on Zarah (birth control pills) for almost 8 months now & I'm a week late. I'm always on time since I started birth control, and I get some brown discharge in the beginning,and at the end of my period. This whole week I've had only brown discharge, but no period. And Ive had light cramps (less than when I have on my period) and I have been peeing a lot. My boyfriend and I are sexually active but, we always use a condom & we always check if it broke afterwards and he did not cum inside the condom that was inside me only pre cum was inside the condom that was inside me and the condom did not break. The last time we had sex was about a week before I was suppose to get my period. What is happening to me? Am I pregnant or is it the pill? Also this month was the first month where I missed two days in a row of taking the pill but then I got back on schedule ASAP. And my new cycle is coming tomorrow should I start it or not? What are the chances I'm pregnant?