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I recently moved to a new state, I got into a bind here with my health conditions and was abruptly cut from care from a Pain Clinic in my previous state. I spent over 6 months on a waiting list to get into a pain clinic in this new state. My history is three cervical surgeries due to an automobile accident, two lumbar spinal fusions due to birth defect and herniated discs, and two partial hardware removals from the fusions. A year after my surgeries I developed osteo arthritis and disc degenerative disease.

My former pain clinic always made me sign a paper before giving me "trigger point" injections and they spaced them months apart. They told me that to much steroid could cause muscle degeneration. I got established with a doctor here. The injections gave me a couple day relief as opposed to nothing so I had them done. However, I never signed any papers for this doctor. Then the doctor started scheduling me every two weeks for four injections - she said I had awful muscle spasms. In December I got into a pain clinic and I stopped my injections completely. At this time, I had no dimples in my back. Two months ago, four dimples appeared - I also experienced numbness, tingling, aching, and loss of strength in my left arm and hand.

I had an MRI done and found a herniated disc in my thoracic spine and was referred to a Neurosurgeon. Based on the report my herniated disc was minor to where it didn't cause immediate response. Two weeks ago I went to see the Neurosurgeon - my dimple count was up to eight at this point, and also my upper right side of my back and shoulders started the tingling, aching, and numbness. My left arm had gotten worse as well, I can't sleep on that side now because my left arm locks up and I wake up in excruciating pain unable to bend it. I showed the Neurosurgeon my back and he supposedly had never seen anything like it. It was a six hour wasted trip. He, however, sent a letter out to my doctor requesting a Cervical MRI, CAT Scan of my chest, and a dermatologist recommendation. So far, none of this has been scheduled.

Last week I went to my pain clinic, my doctor there told me exactly what was wrong. I was told I had been a victim of a free handed doctor who not only did to many shots, she used to much medication. He showed his nurse and made me feel like a poster child. He wants me to bring him all my test results once they get run. Yesterday - dimple number nine appeared on my shoulder blade, with it came a lot of pain. No one has touched me injection wise in my upper back in four months.

Most of what I've read on here, the dimples came right after injections, so you can imagine the fear I have. My right side is started to become like my left with the waking up in pain. Can any of you give me any input on this. Am I the only one who is getting the after effects months later? Most of you said yours went away, mine keep continuing to number. I'm terrified of losing my abilities to survive and be independent. If the shots are causing muscle degeneration - can I fight it? Please help, I'm so scared right now!


My email prompted me to update my question on here even though no one has responded. I still have no answers regarding whats going on with me. I've had a CAT Scan and MRI done and going back to Neurosurgeon soon. I also have been referred to a dermatologist, which is a few weeks away. I've been tried on several muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, and Lyrica - none have helped. Pain Clinics in this state are shutting down, so my pain meds have been cut in half in the past two months. I wish there was someone out there that was experiencing this because I'd love some input or info. Right now, I am where I started - clueless on what's going on with me. Also in pain because of cut in medication and nothing else to help.