I was dx in 2000 with MS after the ortho saw all my reflexes were suddenly hyper. My FAmily Doc ordered a brain scan and ishowed "something". So top guy in Philly at the time. He ordered a MRI of neck for second lesion and flunked other tests. Showed scarring and a herniated disc. Was sent to neuro surgun who said it ws bad nough that the slightest whiplash would cause quadraplegia. I had no neck pain, and MS guy said it was caused by the lesion above it. 7 years of injections, weakness, etc and then I had an anaphylactic reaction to the injections. Couldn't contact my doc, not my family doc or ER. So I switched. New person never heard of had closed mri and said it was all in my head all MRI's clear. Weird since I had all this stuff on the MRI's for 7 years and different MRI companies. So I popped the disc in my computer and scared the pants off me. even my son could see my spinal cord was impinged 1/3 way through. So had the C6-7 discotomy & fusion. Surgun didn't believe in using collars. I could suddenly move my right leg, full hand and arm function after all those years of being crushed. Flew to TX from PHL for a funeral 3 weeks later. No problem exept with TSA peaple. That was MAy 2008, had thyroid surgery 9/08. Either it hadn't completely healed or I overdid the take care of Mom even though I was not to lift, pull etc. So Feb 09 started with pain and popping below the fusion. Weakness in arms started in summer. X-rays. By Christmas I was falling and having paralysis on one side. Unfortunately I was in the midst of asthma exacerbation. So I saw my family doc mid Feb who said call surgum ASAP. They sent a MRI rx and made an appointment. I had re herniated and impinged Spinal cord right below. HAd left side anterior discotomy and extra long fusion C7-T1 MArch 9th, 2010. I am typing this moving my head. minimal pain. swallowing is the big thing. Any ideas on thickening liquids? Yogert goes right through.