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I am a 14 year old who has recently been diagnosed with bulging disc. I started having back pain in my lower back. Went to the doctor and he said it sounded like I had torn a muscle down the middle of my lower back. So he took me out of ALL sports and physical activity for 2 months and also put me in physical therapy during the 2 months I was out of physical activity. After the 2 months was up, I went back to volleyball, and had the same pain in the same spots. So I went and had a MRI done, and was told that I have a herniated disc. I have to go get injections in about 2 weeks. Can someone give me any information on the injections and bulging disc. Like, How common is it for someone my age to get this? Or since I have it in my L5 S1 area, and even though they numb me when I get the injections, do I still feel it? Or just any information! Thanks!


I think it is fairly uncommon for a kid your age to have a herniated disc!

I am really sorry the physical therapy didn't help. Maybe you could also try a chiropractor, massage, yoga etc.

I have had the injections in the exact same spot as you (I have your same condition) and the injection itself didn't hurt. I had some soreness for a few days after, but it wasn't terrible.

Hopefully the injection works for you! From my research, they only work %50 of the time. Mine did not work and I will be getting the next injection in a set of three. If the third doesn't work, I will start talking about surgery. I will probably need it eventually anyway if I'm totally honest with you.

You may not ever need surgery though. If the first one doesn't work, go for the set of three and hopefully that will give your body time to heal.

Good luck! You can be a little bit sedated if you are nervous. Just ask your doctor!