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My dear friends till yet most of us was in the wrong concept that Menstrual blood is just a wastage. But scientist found life saving stem cells naturally from this menstrual blood. There are so many private cord blood banks with latest technology to collect, preserve the stem cells from the menstrual blood.

As per my research I found Celle’s patent-pending technology, and easy-to-use collection kit, you have the reassurance and peace of mind you need, when it comes to collecting, isolating and preserving menstrual blood.
A graceful quote “Welcome to Celle – where every month holds a miracle”.

If you really liked my post as well as my research resource please reply over my post or more enquiry you can contact the Bank yourself as I found one of my friend has subscribed their this life saving service.
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I still am very much keen on that wrong concept that our menstrual blood is a "wastage" - as you say. Because, you know, if you use your brain then you very easily figure out that menstrual blood is the same blood we got in all of our veins and isn't special in any different way - not to mention a possibility that it contains stem cells. If that was true than all you would need to do to get the stem cells would be to draw some blood from your arm vein and things just don't work that way. Good luck with patenting this idea!