Okay I am a 57 year old male, overweight I am experiencing mild to severe abdominal cramping. I went to my gastroenerologist, they found that I demonstarted moderating guarding of the abdomen with both direct and rebound tenderness especially in my left lower quadrant. I have had periodic constipation and I have blood streaked stool. They performed a sigmoidoscopy and found narrowing of the colon's lumen. They also ran some blood work which should that my white blood cells count was increased, but my hemoglobin and hematocrit were both low.

They sent me home with an antibiotic, stool softner, and liquid diet until pain subsides. They scheduled me for a CT pending worsening symptoms and told me that surgical intervention may be warranted, but they never said what I have. Is there anyone that has an idea of what this issue might be. My CT isn't for another week, and I would really like to know what I might have because I am thinking the worse and I am not getting anwsers from the physician.