ive been ttc for about 7 months now but this past month i decided to get one of those ovulating kits. A week after my ovulation day i started to get this light lower abdomen cramps and just a full, tender feeling and frequently using having to urinate. I was so excited this may be a pregnancy sign untill a day later i went to the batroom to urinate and after i did so i still had the urge. I recognized that feeling from a previous uti so i went to the doc right away. She told me both test (pregnancy&uti) came negative but it may be too early for both. Ive been on antibiotics for a few days and the urge to urinate after ive done just so is gone but i still feel the sore, full, and mild cramping in my lower abdomen and occasionaly get mild nausea. my mom is convinced im pregos but i cant take the test for another week untill i miss my period. Do you think it sounds like pregnancy symtoms. my mom seems to think so. Ive had a uti before and never had anything besides slight urinating discomfort.