Found this post while researching my pain symptoms on the web. I am a female aged 25 years. My lower abdomen pain started since April 2015. The symptoms i am going through are-

  • An urge to urinate, difficult urinating, sometimes leakage.
  • A dull lower abdominal pain starting from belly button
  • Belches, Bloating, Constipation
  • Loss of appetite (that has started now not then)

I have almost gone for all the possible tests-

  • 2 times Urine test
  • 2 times ultrasound
  • 1 type Blood test CBC

All the test shows normal. However the later ultrasound specifies a mild enlargement of the spleen located above near the ribs. But how come this? I had never experienced any pain there! The pain is just at the place opposite to the issue found. I have changed three doctors up till now hoping someone will fetch my disease up. Still no satisfactory response! 

I am in very much in stress now. Everytime I am going for an appointment, doctors just make a list of medicines.  Since then, i have taken medicines from UTI infections to Gut infections. And now I am fed up. I eventually warned doctors not to write any further medicines now. These are making me more ill, major of one is constipation. I dont know whats going on inside. But am really feel like dying rather bearing this awful pain.

Any possible suggestions are welcome.