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I am 19. I have been extremely fatigued and sore for the past month and a half. My breasts are tender and I get a really nauseous feeling in the evening around 7. I even have the unusual symptoms such as pica. The only time in my life I've ever had a uti is when I become pregnant with my first Baby whom i did not deliver due to miscarriage. Now I have one a uti again but every test I take comes up negative. Could the uti alter the results in the home pt??


It can't.

The most common symptoms of UTI are burning with urination and having to urinate frequently (or an urge to urinate) in the absence of vaginal discharge and significant pain.These symptoms may vary from mild to severe and in healthy women last an average of six days. Some pain above the public bone or in the lower back may be present. People experiencing an upper urinary tract infection, or pyelonephritis, may experience flank pain, fever, or nausea and vomiting in addition to the classic symptoms of a lower urinary tract infection. Rarely the urine may appear bloody or contain visible pyuria (pus in the urine).

UTI can recur easily. I have tried antibiotics to treat it but it recurs several weeks later. I have tried herbal medicine to treat it and it works. UTI doesn't come back again. I can give a website to you. It may help you.

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I wish you can recover soon.