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So two weeks ago I had vaginal sex after being penetrated in the anus once with the same condom on. About two days later I felt a burning in my urethra while urinating, about four days later the burning when away and I began to have pain while urinating. The pain was very subtle and the urge to urinate was stronger, even though there was not much to release. So thinking that I have a UTI i purchased the test's but both came out negative. Yet I still have the symptoms of a UTI. I have NO lower back pain, or blood in urine, fever or nausea. I DO have slight pain while urinating ( but it is overpowered by the feeling of not being able to stop urinating at will), darkened yellow foul smelling urine, and my discharge has always been milky white but I seem to have more discharge than usual. I have had this problem for two weeks now and have been drinking lots of water and taking azo cranberry pills. Since doing so my urine has smelled way less, and has become much lighter in color. Also the pain does not always occur while urinating(like when I really have to pee). I just want to know if it is possible for store UTI test's to miss anything, or if there may be something else wrong with me.

Other info
Yes I was using a condom during sex.
I have missed a period since but pregnancy test are negative. (this is normal for me actually)

just wanted to add that in case they might be relevant.


Hi, its quite possible from your description that you do have a UTI and due to the continuing symptoms may be worth heading off to a dr to see if they can pick anything up in a urinalysis. take a sample with you if possible, preferably from first thing in the morning. in the meantime continue with the fluids. hope this helps