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Ok, this started yesterday just before dark. I went out to feed my lab and bunnies then hopped in my truck and drove the 200 yards to my horse barn to feed, groom, and fly spray my two equine kids. I was finished with the chores and just standing there scratching their itchy spots when the urge to pee hit pretty hard out of nowhere. I dashed to my truck, drove to my house, and rolled out of the truck. I took two steps and it hit again like a ton of bricks. I had to pee so bad that I was in too much pain to be able to move. I stood there, legs crossed, hands wedged between them, doubled over, and struggled for control but ended up wetting my pants in my own front yard. Thankfully it was dark out and I live alone in the woods.

It continues on today. All day long every so often the urge to pee hits with no prewarning of needing to use the bathroom. The urge is so bad that I have about a 5 second window to run from the couch to the bathroom before having an accident, maybe 6 seconds if I'm holding myself as I run. I seriously no bladder control once the urge hits. I just turned 35 and am healthy, the horseback riding keeps me fit. I've never claimed to have the best bladder I know but I've never had a control problem like this. I do wet the bed frequently due to a sleeping disorder but I have protective underware for this so it's not a problem for my boyfriend or me. Yes, I'm using the protective undies today since there's been a few times today that I didn't make it to the bathroom in time and wet myself on the way there. The only accidents I've ever had as an adult has been due to being stuck behind blocked traffic or on a long road trip with very few places to stop, and these can happen to the best of us.

I'm guessing it's a UTI since my lower back and lower abdomen hurts a bit and I have a low grade fever. I really don't feel very sick though and my appitite is even nearly normal. I have antibiotics from a previous UTI and started them this morning. I did not have the urgence accidents with the previous UTI but I guess they can all be a bit different. Oh, I also do not yet have children, I know childbirth weakens the bladder muscles.

Any words of wisdom are very welcome. This is a very embarrassing symptom for a normally healthy woman. Thank goodness my boyfriend is understanding and supportive.


Hi there, it sounds quite a bit like you have a UTI, and it sounds like you're at least doing okay. Don't worry about wetting yourself--we've all done it at some point or another but no one likes to talk about it. I think your best course of action is to see a doctor to get antibiotics. That's the only way to take care of it. IN the meantime, drink cranberry juice. It will help with your symptoms. Sound good?