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Recent study found that UV radiation from our eyes can be the cause of high rates of skin cancer found on our nose. Scientists found that high rates of basal cell carcinoma skin cancers on the side of the nose could be induced by UV radiation rays that are reflected off the eye.

Basal cell carcinoma is most common type of skin cancer in sub – tropical climates was higher on the side of the face and neck that were more exposed to sunlight and that it could be explained by reflected UV radiation.

It was discovered that curved shape of the eye created a focusing effect producing UV spots on the side of the nose and next step is to examine grater range of facial shapes and radiation angels that are possible.

Researchers say that sunglasses are one way of protecting eyes and nose from UV radiation. Good wraparound sunglasses reduce the amount of UV radiation but non – wraparound sunglasses block UV that are entering the eye but they allow radiation to enter around the sides of the sunglasses and so UV rays can be reflected off the eyes to the side of the nose.


>:( this subject is very upsetting but it has to be delt with and also the people that are infected with it should have been aware of the consequences that it may cause.