Broccoli has many health benefits but new study found that it also may help to protect skin from sun damage. Scientists found that one of the compounds of broccoli – sulforaphane, helps in reducing redness on skin and inflammation that are caused by UV radiation.

Sunburns are related to higher risk of skin cancer and people need to know that controlling the redness on skin may be a good way to fight skin cancer and other skin conditions that may occur.

Researchers studied influence of sulforaphane on adults who suffered from redness on skin caused by UV radiation. They applied lotion that contains sulforaphane to their skin before they exposed them to UV radiation by using sun lamps. Results showed that sulforaphane reduced redness by almost 40% in comparation to skin that hasn’t been treated with it before exposure to UV radiation.

Scientists report that sulforaphane prevented the redness by inducing protective proteins in the skin and the result is protected skin from UV radiation for next couple of days after applying the lotion.