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I am 25 years old and I just got diagnosed with this. I am really nervous about it getting bigger. My eye doctor told me that it is also starting in my other eye. I asked him if there was anything I can do to cure it and he advised me that there is no cure. It was until I got on here that I realized that there is a surgery available. How fast do these generally grow? And, I noticed that some people who talk about having it don't mention that it is raised, is it worse if it is raised? As soon as I noticed mine it was raised and somewhat big, not just a little speck. I dont understand how it happened. It just sprang up about 2 months ago and now I am starting to have red eye around the yellowish area..I've never had a problem before with my eyes being red at all nor have I had any eye problems. My vision it great.

Also, do you think I should go to see another doctor just incase of misdiagnosis? I know that if you have some sort of medical problem that is unknown you can sometimes have symptoms in your eyes. Is that a possibility for this? It does seem like this is what I have due to the fact that it is yellowish spot and it is on the nose side of my eye but Im not outdoors all that much and when I am I wear sunglasses. I dont go to the tanning bed. So, Im not sure if it would be something that is due to UV rays unless my eyes are just super sensitive. I am in school right now to be a radiologic technologist. I am exposed to radiation, Im sort of wondering if that would be a possible cause. If anyone can answer my questions please let me know. Thanks. 8-| 8-| 8-| 8-| ? :-| !


I'm 26 and was just diagnosed with one as well. However mine started as a blown blood vessel that didn't go away from six weeks, and then turned into a Pinguecula. They prescribed Steroid eye drops since mine was inflamed. Yours sounds inflamed. you may want to go just to get it rechecked.