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Hi all, im having a problem with my vas deferens. I have had 2 infection in the past 2 years and have been treated by the doctor. However since the first infection on my right side the vas deferens is swollen quite a bit. It is really noticible in the bath. Since the infection the swelling has not gone down at all. It is sometimes uncomfortable and can at times be painful on both sides. It is more painful after ejaculation.

I have been to the doctor about this and he said to take ibuprofen but this is having no affect on the swelling however it does help the pain. Thankfully there is no blood at all

me and my partner have been trying for a child for about 1 year now and nothing has happened, she has been for fertility tests and everything come back ok.

So now I have to go for a sperm count, Could the past/ current problem have done damage to stop me having children?

Im really worried about this


Hi need,

Ibuprofen will help with pain/discomfort.  If the swelling is caused by an infection it won't help.  It can cause problems with conception.  

Often this is related to epididymitis.

It's usually due to bacteria so you'd need an antibiotic.  It can be caused by not being circumcised (poor hygiene) or some medications.

See a urologist for a complete exam.  You should not be having repeat infections.

Hope it helps.