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This is a post relating to the previous closed thread:

Well, I'll join the club here and say this is unbelievable that I too happened to find this forum with all these testimonials.  I've struggled with these EXACT SAME ISSUES for about 7 weeks and I've been stressed as hell thinking it was surely related to a vasectomy I had 6 months ago...or something much worse like cancer.  Vasectomy went absolutely fine and I've been fine until about mid February.  Started having all of these exact same symptoms as mentioned on this previous thread. Went to my GP twice and urologist once.  Same sh*t.  Couldn't find anything wrong with me and dismissed it. Urinalysis fine, blood work fine and even a subtle suggestion that it was just me ove


My symptoms: tingling and twinges of sticking pains in my groin with pulling and a dull even pressure in my lower pelvis.  I simply could not pinpoint the exact area of pain.  I kept thinking it was my nuts and I constantly was checking them and it was always fine. Finally figured out it was near my inguinal canals(the sensitivity that is...the dull pressure is more in my pelvic floor, between my legs, etc.)  Then more specifically, I realized it was both vas deferens.  (Also seemed to radiate up into my lower abdomen with sticks and jabs every so often. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right.) Vas Deferens are sore to the touch and one side seems a bit "meatier" than I ever remember.  After any Dr examination for inguinal hernia with the poking and prodding, they ache like hell for the rest of the day.  Also small shocks and numbness in my inner thighs and down to knees.  Its been driving me INSANE. Especially because all 3 Dr visits produced nothing.  They ruled out inguinal hernia, epididiymis, prostatitis and UTI.  I'm scheduled for a CT and I've been scared as sh*t until I found this forum.   Now, I'll ask the big question as everyone does...has ANYONE gotten any true diagnosis as to what this is??? I'd love to tell my doc at my next visit what the hell he's missed this whole time and suggest he submit to the New England Journal of Medicine and become famous since NO ONE seems to know what this is! Possible suggestions on this forum have been: bilateral inguinal hernias, hydrocele, vericocele, pudendal nerve entrapment, pinched nerve(s), infection, etc.   It's like it's a damn conspiracy!!!  No one seems to know. Any further info is GREATLY appreciated.


I see, your symptoms are something that you should be really worried about. I think that you are dealing with so-called scrotal pain, and that is a pain that is really frequently sudden in onset and can be quite severe. It seems to me that this is acute pain, but maybe I am wrong. I think that this is in your case because an acute pain includes but are not limited to Epididymis. It is also connected to Vas Deferens Pain and that is why I suspect about this one diagnose. But, I am not an expert - I can't set a diagnose for you. I can only give you and advice and this what you feel, in my opinion, is a reason to be concerned.