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Hi, Just found out that I'am pregnant,The problem i have is very bad coughs which is causing chest pain and stomach cramps. Iam actually scared to take medication. Please advice if there is any home remedies or anything i can try out.Also please tell if taking honey is ok.

Thanking in advance for any replies.



I also have the same problem. I am 7 weeks pregnant, have a very bad coughs that i was hospitalized for 1 day and still have the coughs. I have chest pain and fever, the doctor gave me antibiotics because i have infections and cough suppressants. They took a chest x-ray (with stomach protection for pregnant woman), they told me that there is a shadow on my right chest. To know what it is, i have to take CT scan which is very dangerous for my pregnancy.

For now, i don't want to take the CT scan because i don't want to risk my baby. But i am also concerned what is the "Shadow" on my right chest.

Anyone can help?