I am a 42 year old male who was diagnosed with Bronchial Asthma. I had TB twice and thus was treated for Pulmonary Tuberculosis in 1988 and 1999. I also had Bronchitis in September 2005.

Last year, when I had a cold with nasal congestion, I had broncospasms. I used nasal sprays and inhalers for nine months before I stopped using them. After sometime, I began to get dry coughs and it gradually became productive coughs. My PFT readings, when I had a productive cough, showed “FVC is 109% of the predicted normal, FEV1 is 90%, FEV1/FVC ration 67%, and FEF 25-75 is 58% of the predicted normal and evaluation after Salbutamol nebulizer did not show clearly responsive airways”.

My X-ray shows Fibrotic opacities. Currently I am feeling weak and I have cold like symptoms in the evenings with chest tightness and pin pricking like sensations. My breathing is also not smooth. I also have some phlegm. All tests are normal except for the PFT. I would like to know what this medical condition is and whether any further tests such as MRI or CT scan or any other tests need to be done? Kindly advise.

Thanking you for your help