I'm 21, healthy 115lbs. I have chest pain often. It's a sharp pain under my left arm inside my chest. My heartbeat is irregular at these times. The pain goes up my neck to my top jaw, and the pain in my neck is pulsing. My teeth feel like they are numb. Sometimes my legs go numb too. The pain also goes down my left shoulder and arm. The pain is not so bad that i can not move, but it is very uncomfortable and scary at times. One day I had one of these episodes when I woke up in the morning. Then that same night I passed out completely. I guess i fell to the floor and my eyes were rolling back in my head. my mouth was clamped shut. i woke up maybe 1 min later. I started sweating and tingling all over, i threw up and had abdominal pain. Does ANYONE have any information on what could be wrong with me? I do not have medical insurance, and cant afford to see a doctor. any info would be helpful. Thank you