Hi! I've been experiencing upper abdominal pain on and off for years. After I had a baby it started going from a once every month to all day, every day. It was excruciating pain, worse than childbirth (not exaggerating, I would take my contractions over this any day). I went to a GI doctor and got tested for a ton of different things. I had two Endoscopys, CT scans, and tried multiple medications. Skeletal and smooth muscle relaxants, anti acids, even anti depressants. I went to a therapist to rule at psychological issues. Eventually they did exploratory surgery and removed my gall bladder.

It went away for a few months but now it's back and the pain is actually worse than last time. The pain still comes in waves but the peak is at a higher level of pain and lasts longer. They have officially ruled out GI issues and since my sternum is very sensitive during and after the pain episodes the doctor is now thinking it's my chest wall. When the pain increases it goes up my chest (they ruled out esophageal spasms) and around my back. Ultrasounds, CT scans on my chest and heart have been done as well. Everything has come back normal. The only thing that was a maybe was a clot blood test but they redid it and everything was fine.

I'm at the end of my rope. I can't pick up my son, I can't drive, and no one knows what's wrong. I can take it even once or twice a week, but it has become a permanent thing in my life now. If anyone has had this or has any clue what it could be please let me know.