I recently had to go to the ER cause I was having really bad chest pains, stomach pains, and trouble breathing. They did lab work and I was dehydrated with a few deficiencies, and my white blood count was low. They did a chest xray, ant told me my results were hard to read but that it looked like pneumonia. Then then the next day they told me it looked like my lymph nodes were swollen in my chest but that since I was young they felt there was no need to expose me to the radiation of a CT scan cause it was most likely nothing serious. They gave me antibiotics and pain meds. Then a week later I had a follow up appt with my primary Dr. and my symptoms hadn't really improved, she said it sounded like pleurisy to her. And prescribed me prednisone. I just finished the steroids and now my chest pain is back and same with the breathing and stomach pains. It has now been about 3 weeks since I initially went to the ER and im wondering if anyone else has any idea what could be going on? Or has had similar problems?