I am 25 years old 5 11 165 pounds exercise regularly play sports


I want to start by thanking everyone for sharing and helping out in this forum.

Here is my story:


About a year ago I developed pain right below my chest and bloating. The bloating was extremely bad painful and very unconformable. I would burp and burp and burp with no relief. Went to a GI and he did bloodwork, ultrasound, CT scan & endoscopy. He didn’t find anything unusual so he diagnosed me with IBS.


I went to get a second opinion and the second GI ordered a Hida Scan. My ejection rate was 8% so this GI believes my gallbladder is the problem and he suggested surgery. The pain usually occurs after I eat and sometimes I have pain even with no food in my stomach. I wake up bloated and burp my way through the day. My sister had her gallbladder removed not sure if this is genetic.


Any advice would be welcome. I asked if there was anything I could do besides surgery and the GI said no. My surgery is scheduled for next week. Feel free to leave your comment/suggestion.