Ever since I first played Tetris on the Gameboy, I was hooked. It was an insanely addictive game, simple to play but challenging to master. This past year, I picked up a copy of the game for the original Nintendo (NES) and I found the game to be just as fun and addictive as I remembered more than a decade ago. When I saw that Tetris was available on the PS2, I was interested in picking up the game. It would be fun for my fianc and I to play the game together. Unfortunately, this game didn t live up to the standard set by its 8-bit predecessor.

In addition to the classic Tetris, there are several other ways to play Tetris in this game. They all work from the same basic formula of various 4-block shapes falling and needing to be manipulated to form lines. What is different is the goals of each game. Some games require you to form combinations of the same colored blocks, others like Cascade allow blocks that become unattached after a line clears to drop down, permitting new scoring combinations. Initially, these new games were interesting, but I found myself craving the classic tetris. That is here, too, but the blocks on the screen are rather small, and there is now an option to play with a time limit.

Even if I didn t like the new Tetris games, I expected that I would be as addicted to the classic tetris. I wasn t. I don t know what was changed, but the game just wasn t as fun and addicting, and yet I can play the NES version today and still get wrapped up in the game. This game doesn t seem to be as fast, the screen is way too small, and whatever was changed causes the game to be not as good. It s the same Tetris, but the updates detract from the game rather than add to it. I can t recommend this. I would suggest you find a NES or a Gameboy and play the original. I ll be much more fun to play.