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It is not a new suggestion but only a re-opened issue in attempt to show what bad effects violent video games have on children and youth. It is said that children who play violent video games are becoming desensitized to this very violent content, and then it doesn’t bother them, and they even expect, to see blood all over the place when someone is being shot.
There have been many reported cases of violence that are proved to be influenced by these video games.
However, the president of the Entertainment Software Association seems to disagree and claims that these new findings are ” just little more than a rehash of old papers”.
There is another question to consider. Is it kids who are naturally aggressive that are drawn to these types of games, or it's the gaming itself that is encouraging aggression. The problem is in rewarding. Each time a person shows an act of violence in a game, they get a reward, while during other activities and games, they rarely do.
There is, however, a possible solution for worried parents. It suggests involving children in other activities before they become stuck up with the games. In that way, a communication between children and parents is being made, a relationship where they can fully discuss different issues.


I'm sorry that this is a VERY old topic im replying too, but i just found it highly amusing. Anything which contains violence will have an effect on the child, whether it is real, or unreal. quite frankly, turning around and saying that children more prone to aggression will be affected by this, well, what about violent movies? Books? Or real life violence? Solely blaming violent behaviour on computer games is foolish. Many environmental factors are involved.

I would find it very interesting if the people who actually wrote these documents actually play computer games them selves..i doubt it.