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So don't me wrong I don't mind guys playing with video days, just annoys me sometimes when he plays too much. I am currently in a relationship with my boyfriend, we have been together for almost a year. I really love him and all that, words can't explain. When I first got with him a year ago he was a social guy; always likes to hang out, talk and ect. As few months pass around are 8 months he began to play these stupid games, and now that its summer he's addiction to those games and has gotten worst, he's been playing 24/7, been pulling all nighter every day just to battle with some people in other state. He's also been a very slow at texting back, he'd usually text me back right away but now it takes him about 1-4 hours just to text me back. It just makes me worry sometimes how his addiction to games so much. He keeps on telling me to come over but to be honest when i come over to his house we don't do anything anymore. He's always on his laptop playing hes game for several hours and I'm just there lying on his bed with my iPhone checking Facebook, IG , YouTube ect and it's just boring and pissing me off. Checking social network is something id like to do when I'm at home when i'm at my boyfriend's house i would rather cuddle, talk and joke around. Sometimes I would tear up when I'm just laying in his bed waiting for him; Seeing that his game is the first priority than me when i coming to visit him once a week. Like don't let me wrong I'm not trying to be selfish and all that it just drives me nuts. He knows I am sick of him playing games but he says  "Oh.. I am sorry haha, It's okay." LOL -sign- Oh gee I am just tired right now. I love him and I am not ready to leave him, we had a lot of adventure/ memorize together. I just want to settle things down then just end it right here. Can you guys give me advice? 



ask him can we please go out on a date