I developed nearsightedness at 17 years old. My prescription worsens with every visit- I'm at -4.75 and -5.25. I have dry eyes. One eye was slightly lazy when I was younger but it's pretty well trained now. One pupil has always been slightly bigger. Sometimes my eyes get really red and stingy- my Ophthalmologist thinks I may have Blepharitus, but it isn't a constant problem, so who knows... My main concern is obviously that my vision is STILL digressing. Generally Myopia stabilizes around aged 18... should I be worried? Could this be Degenerative Myopia or something?

I DO have an appointment with my Ophthalmologist 11/8/11, so I'm not looking at this site as an alternative to a professional visit. I'm hoping to go into the appointment with a little research under my belt so I can ask the right questions.

Thank you!