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ok. me and my boyfriend had sex this week without a condom. we used one at first but decided not to for a little while and he wouldn't come in me. and he didn't come in me but it was 2 days after my period ended. he might have pre-cummed in me but i don't know. how bug of a chance is there that i might be pregnant? and how long until i can find out if i am?

please please please help me and tell me what you think. im a little scared. any help would be muchhhhh appreciated.


i am practically in the same position, my boyfriend only put it in without a condom for like 10 seconds. im worried about precum! but i have been researching for a while and it says that there is NO sperm in precum unless it is 'picked up' on the way down from previous ejaculations. my boyfriend cummed about an hour or so before. i think you will be okay because at the time in your cycle you wasnt ovulating. i am due on in 8 days so i hope i get it.

if you think about it like this.. there is only a 7% chance that a girl can get pregnant when the guy fully cums inside of her. we both had precum which contains none or only a few sperm where as proper cum contains hundreds!! so the chances are so so smal but still there.

you should wait a week or more after your suposed to be on your period to do a pregnancy test

goodluck and write back to tell me what happens x