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Yes, the fallopian tubes are essential for conception — they are the tubes inside you where the life literally starts. The fallopian tubes are small tubes on both sides of your uterus which collect the egg from the ovaries.They are coiled structures 10 cm in length, where egg and sperm meet and fertilization of the ovum occurs. This fertilized embryo later transports to the uterus and grows there. Thus, these tubes play one of the most vital role when a woman become pregnant.

Different sort of diseases and even a pregnancy itself can destroy your tubes. Surprising to hear, but it is true. If following fertilization, the embryo does not migrate towards the uterus, it will remain adherent to the tube and will grow there. This growing embryo gradually damages the narrow tube and could rupture it.This is called ectopic pregnancy. This is an emergency condition as it may cause massive blood loss inside the abdomen and then the damaged tube has to be removed surgically completely irrespective of the woman’s parity. 

Yes, there is a chance you can get pregnant again with one remaining tube. But the fact is, ectopic pregnancy can recur in the remaining tube and again, you may need the removal of that tube. 

Endometriosis, tuberculosis and a few sexually transmitted diseases can damage both the tubes simultaneously so much that they could lose their function and remain practically useless.

In your body following an ovulation, the tube picks up the ovum from the ovary on the same side in each cycle and keeps it inside while awaiting for fertilization by sperm. This process usually occurs alternatively from either side of your uterus in each cycle. When one tube is cut off or destroyed, it has been seen that the tube on the other side may collect the egg from contralateral ovary. 

Thus, there remains fair chance and even up to 70 percrent,to achieve a pregnancy with only one functioning fallopian tube.

The question is  how could you know whether your tubes are functioning properly or already destroyed? Lots of tests are there to assess the tubal function. A radiopaque dye is pushed through your birth canal and passage of the dye through the tubes can be visualized by serial X-rays. A dye can be visualized inside your tubes and abdomen if those are present and patent. Otherwise dye can not reach the abdominal cavity. The presence of tubes and their proper functioning can also be assessed by doing a laparoscopy.

So finally, when both the tubes are destroyed or operated, is there any chance of getting pregnant? The answer is not straightforward nowadays. Physiologically it is impossible to become pregnant without any tube. But if you procced to use assisted reproductive technology, achieveing a pregnancy is quite possible. in IVF, the fertilization process is done artificially outside your body bypassing the need of the fallopian tube. The ovum has to be collected from your body and it has to be fertilized with your partners sperm artificially. Later the fertilized embryo is placed inside your womb directly where it will grow further.

To conclude, your fallopian tubes can get destroyed by infections, endometriosis or sometimes need removal surgically due to ectopic pregnancy. It is impossible to become pregnant physiologically if you have have no functioning fallopian tube. With the advent of assissted reproductive technology, it is now possible to achieve pregnancy without any fallopian tubes. But, keep in mind, the success rate of this procedure is only 20-35 percent per cycle.

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