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Hello my boyfriend and I had sex on November 2,2013. We didn't use a condom for a few minutes and he did have some precum on his penis when he pulled out to put in a condom. I am supposed to get my period tomorrow however I haven't been having the usual premenstrual signs I get every Month. I have been having great discomfort laying on my stomach, on my back and I've been having minor pains in my stomach. Kind of like cramps but not exactly. Could it be possible that I am pregnant?


Hi guest,

There's always a chance of pregnancy.

Having sex 9 days before you expect your period, day 19 of your cycle, is likely just a bit after the egg was viable.

You'd normally ovulate between days 11 and 16 of your cycle and the egg is only viable for about 48 hours, it's close.

Hang in there.