Hi, I'm 17 years old and pretty scared because I'm late in my period I don't know how late because I have irregular periods but my app says this is my 7 day late so I'll say like I am 5 days late, me and my boyfriend have been using the pull out method (i know it's not effective but we're dumb so we've been doing this for about 6 months now) I got my last period June 8 till June 15. we used the pull out method June 20 and 24 (which June 20 was around when I was ovulating) and also had unprotected sex july 8, I had a very light pink discharge in July 11 i thought it was my period since its the time I was supposed to get it but it only lasted for a couple of hours i didn't think much of it until I searched it up and it came up as implantation bleeding so now I'm scared also July 8 (the last time I had unprotected sex) it was really rough and afterward i felt hurt and a little bit itchy, i took a pregnancy test July 14 came out negative and I took another one July 15 first thing in the morning and it was still negative, has anyone been through something like this before? I need to know if I'm pregnant cause im having like anxiety from this, i dream about this and wake up feeling like if I am pregnant but I know it's my head messing with me, someone plz help? Oh and I also had diarrhea for like two weeks and recently I have just gotten better from my stomach maybe this affected my period? I would really appreciate if anyone would answer my post so I don't have to stress it as much.