One day my boyfriend came over and we had some fun. I gave him a blowjob and he fingered me, we where about to have sex when I noticed some pre cum and I told him he needs to wipe it off, here is the thing he couldn't even get inside of me really just maybe a little bit but not fully. The next day I was so scared so we talked about getting a plan B. I took the plan B 2 days after we did that, and then maybe like the end of January I had my period. It's almost the end of February and i haven't gotten my period yet I am so scared I'm pregnant, he didn't get any pre cum inside of me, I took the pill. I have been eating more than I usually do I'm a small person, and my abdomen gets tight when I stand up and I can feel it, but when I sit down, my abdomen isn't tight I can push on it and it feel just normal like squishy, I feel nauseated sometimes but not all the time. I don't know if I'm stressing myself out over this or what. I don't know what to think, someone please help me!!