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Okay i know this is very irresponsible of me, please i just some help. so me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on Saturday but he dint come inside me, on Monday we had unprotected sex again but again he dint come inside me, on Tuesday i took the plan b pill. Then on Wednesday we had unprotected sex again, he pulled out but only a little tiny bit got inside me and i kinda took it out because i put my fingers inside and sort of like scooped it out and it was white, then on Thursday i took the plan b pill again because i panicked. Can someone tell me what the chances of me being pregnant are ????? I'm so scared i know its really irresponsible of me but im really scared im not ready to get pregnant. 


Hello. Well first of all please remember that there is no chance for you to be pregnant unless he ejaculates inside of you. You should have been better informed about that before you took morning after pill. Those pills are not candy. They can cause some serious side effects and you should not be popping them like Mentos. Just think, how big of a drug something must be in order to end your pregnancy? Next time think twice before taking them. 

As for the chances of you being pregnant i think there is no chance you are pregnant. Even without plan b pills there would be no chance. But with them , absolutely no chance. Be more careful next time and try avoiding taking those pills. They can mess up your cycle and cause some serious symptoms. FYI if you do experience some irregularity in your future period be sure that is because of those plan b pills you took.