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Okay im not gonna say how old i am but im a teen and ive had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (who is older). he is very careful and yes i know there is still a chance of getting pregnant like that but last time we had sex he pulled out and then we made out and he cummed outside of me and when i was getting off him my vagina touched his penis and im not sure if there was cum on it or not but that happened and we waited about 10 minutes and then we had sex again. I dont think i was ovulating at the time.  But now about a week later my vagina itches alot and im not sure if its because of that or because of other things such as me letting my pubes grow more then usual. i might just be paranoid and over worried. im suposed to get my period in about a week and im not to sure exactly when because the calender on my phone was where i kept my period dates and that phone broke.


Hi Guest,

Itching alone does not indicate pregnancy.  It could also be an STD.

You said you had sex and he pulled out to ejaculate.  10 minutes later you had sex again.  If he put his penis inside your vagina, then ANY semen inside it (he can't wipe it off) would have been squeezed into your vagina.  It only takes one sperm and you can be pregnant.  More bad news for you - sperm can survive about 5 days.

If you want to take a home pregnancy test you need to wait AT LEAST two weeks, preferably three after having sex.  You MUST use your first morning (wake up) pee for the best accuracy.  False negatives are common testing early.

If he was "very careful" AND if he cared about you he'd use a condom.

Good luck.