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I have a problem of weak and most of time no erection. I consulted a sexologist in Lahore Pakistan. He treated me for 10 weeks. During this treatment he also asked me to do masturbate after every two days. which I did. During his treatment I did sex with my girlfriend 3 times. During sex I get full erection and my ejaculation time was almost 45-50 minutes. After his treatment I am more ill. I did not get erection on morning or night, during masturbation, with my girlfriend. I then contacted a homeo dr in Lahore. He checked me and said that I have sexual weakness. I remained under his treatment for more than a year but cannot satisfied. Now 2 months before I consulted a qualified psycho-sexologist Dr Haris Burki in Lahore. On first visit he advised me to go for medical examination. Detail of my Medical exam is as under:
P.S.A                                 0.871           normal value <4
H.B.A 1C                           5.6%            normal value 4.2-6.2
Prolactin                            6.5              normal value 1-18
DHEA SO4                        217.5            normal value 80-560
Free Testosterone           0.23ng/dl      normal value 0.3 - 1.9
FSH                                   2.6                  See Dr
LH                                     5.1                   See Dr

As can be verified from my above tests, I have low Free Testosterone. Dr told me that I have a very low level and my erection problem is also due to this low level. After This Dr suggested me following doze:

Tab   Proviron   (2 + 2)
Tab   Stablon    (1 + 1+ 1)
Cap   Romega   (1 + 1)
Cap Actitone     (1 after breakfast)
Cap Fertile-S     (1 + 1)
Tab Clomid        (1 in night)
Tab Folic Acid     (1+2)
Tab Bevidox       (2+2)

I am using these medicines since last 2 months. I am not feeling any improvement in my erectile function. I am very much tense due to my erection problem. Please guide me whether I will be cured? Is my Dr doze is good for my treatment? Please give me your advise.



im not sure x