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I’m usually dizzy, it’s a common thing for me... i never thought anything of it... until recently. I've been getting so dizzy I need to sit down or lean against something in order to not fall over. I’ve been having these surges of dizziness more frequently. And along with this... Recently I’ve had surges of ringing in my ears that gradually increase then decrease, they last usually 5-10 seconds. I’ve also had an increase in headaches... They feel more like pressure. These happen mostly in my left temporal and directly behind my left eye.
When this happens... I’ve checked my blood sugar... it was 108. Which is normal...
My blood pressure, temp., pulse... everything was normal.
I’m not taking any medications that would be causing this...
I’ve noticed my eyes feel tired very often...i don’t wear glasses.
And I feel tired often...
I don’t know what’s wrong...Im 19 years old... I don’t have insurance that’s the main reason I don’t bother going to the Dr. what’s going on with me??


Hi there,
Greetings from Australia.

What you might be experiencing is known as Cellular Hypoxia (low Saturated blood oxygen level, 'SPO2'). The symptoms given by you are 'classic' "evidence" of the medical problems you're having.

Its caused could be by several medical conditions:-
1) Anaemia (low red blood cells)
2) Stress
3) Lungs disorder
4) Smoking
5) Poor diet
6) Anxiety, etc.

Some other symptoms are frequent bad headaches or migraines, bodily cramps, muscle aches, digestive problems, constipation, lethargy (fatigue) and many more.

To overcome this is very easy. You may choose the 'expensive' (not so effective) treatments or the INexpensive yet very effective treatment.

You may go to your doctor and he or she may check your 'SPO2' levels (it should read <95%) and prescribe you with medications or treatment (therapy) or both, which may cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The other way is to introduce yourself with "Oral Oxygen Therapy". Sounds expensive?? NO ITS NOT. I have a "practice" here in Melbourne, Australia and many of my clients told me that my 'treatment' are the most effective yet way most affordable treatment compared to 'conventional' treatment. It works within DAYS, NOT MONTHS and definitely NOT YEARS to feel the difference.

Wanna know more? Then please do not hesitate to reply to this 'comment' or contact me at . Alternatively you may also visit avaniwater<dot>com<dot>au

If you're sceptical like most people (I used to be one myself until it helped me battled with Colorectal Cancer back in 1999 using this treatment) then you are most welcome to try the 'conventional' way.

Hope to hear fro you soon. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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HI there, if you don't live in Australia, can you tell me where else you might be able to go and find a spa like this? I live in Connecticut and that information would help. Thanks!


Hi there,
Greetings from Australia.

First of all, thank you for replying.
Honestly, I'm not quite sure about the locations of any "Oral Oxygen Therapy" in your area. The Nearest "Oxygenated Water", available..I think will be in Canada. You'll find more info. in that webpage.

Secondly, "Oral Oxygen Therapy"(O.O.T) is NOT a 'SPA'. It is a simple yet very effective and very affordable treatment against any ailments or diseases. All you need to do is to 'open' the bottle cap and just drink it (like you would normally do with any other bottled drinking water).

3 most important things that you should remember when 'consuming' Avani Supercharged Oxgenated Water:-

1) DO NOT MIX WITH ANY OTHER LIQUID (eg. cordial, coffee, tea)
2) DO NOT ADD ICE (if you want it cold, put it in the fridge)

Here's a guide on how to achieve maximum health benefits when you consume Avani Supercharged Oxgenated Water:-


a) On an Empty Stomach ---------------------------------- Helps to promote healing of the body
b) On a Full Stomach ---------------------------------- Helps to promote digestion (and decrease tiredness after meal)
c) Before & during workouts ---------------------------------- Helps increases stamina, prevent injuries, increases focus and concentrations
d) After workouts ------------------------------------------------- Helps to promote rapid body recovery (eg. cramps/muscle aches)
e) While working (eg. in the office) ------------------------------Increases level of concentrations and alertness.

Have a great day ahead.

VisionsLink Pty. Ltd

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Okay, I wasn't aware that it's a spa! I told you I don't konw too much about it so thanks for giving me the information. I don't know where to find it still. Is there any way to make it at home or anything like that?