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Fitness is key for an exciting sex life. It brings confidence, healthy self-image, & physical well-being that translate into a more pleasurable sex life for both men and women. Fitness + sex may elicit benefits you haven't considered; update your sex-ed.

Sex and exercise are intertwined. Studies show that there are many contributors to sexual satisfaction that include a person’s body image, weight, physical health, sex appeal, and the thoughts they have about their physique during sexual activity. If a person is highly conscious and uncomfortable about these factors during sex they are less likely enjoying or benefiting from sexual activity and may not be taking part at all.

However, there is an easy fix…

Getting and staying fit!

Joseph Drumm, D.O., Medical Director and Psychiatrist (2016) states,

“Many people will feel more attracted to a partner who is of fit appearance and persona; this is likely related to an intrinsic desire to seek out a mate who is more likely to provide healthy, robust and strong progeny.  Like most passions, this drive is unconsciously ascribed to us, and also incredibly powerful.”

Plus, a healthy sex life comes with more benefits than just A LOT of great sex!

You + Exercise = Quality Sex Life

Attracting A Mate

Confidence is attractive. Envision J.J. Watt – He even chews gum like a boss, and when he struts across a football field, everyone stops to watch his fine ass walk by.

Is he really that fine, or is it the athletic, “I’m too sexy for my shirt” confidence?  The confidence that comes from being comfortable with your body is unlike any other. When you are proud of your fit physique it shows. You attract people without even knowing it.

Feel Great Naked

Once you’ve attracted a suitable mate, there’s always the next level to the relationship…the horizontal hula. How comfortable are you naked? Odds are, the better you feel about your body, the more comfortable you are in the buff and the more confident you are in the sack.

Studies show that men are typically more comfortable in the nude and might even view themselves as looking better in their mind than the mirror perceives them.

Hmmmm….. Ladies, it seems we are the ones who need to bolster our own confidence, and the gym is the best place to start. Feeling comfortable in your own skin can literally improve the quality of your sex life – male or female.

Improve Overall Quality of Your Sex Life

Drumm (2016) states,

“The benefits of engaging in regular exercise, with regard to quality of sex and sense of well-being, are numerous.  Routine moderate to intensive exercise improves sensitivity and responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system, which is directly involved in sexual arousal, performance and also plays a significant role in regulating mood and anxiety.” 

Keeping Up In The Heat Of The Moment

Nothing sounds more geriatric than, “Stop! I pulled something!” or “CRAMP, CRAMP, CRAMP!”

Quite frankly, body failures can really ruin the moment. Stay in shape to keep this from happening to you. Working out keeps your muscles conditioned and your stamina strong. If you can already keep up in an hour long Zumba class, with all your sexy dance moves, there is no reason you can’t last one hour in the bedroom. All that hard work in the gym is basically endurance training!

Sex Counts As Exercise – Burn Some Calories

Kara Mayer Robinson (2013), contributor to WebMD, states,

“Sex uses about five calories per minute, four more calories than watching TV. It gives you a one-two punch: It bumps up your heart rate and uses various muscles.”

If you didn’t hit the gym today, make sure your at least get in a sheet-sesh with your significant other. It improves your mood, increases your heart rate, and burns off a bit of your breakfast!

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