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Last week I flew to a foreign country and had sex four days after arriving. Whenever I have sex I always use birth control and a condom for protection. However because of time differences and traveling I was not able to take the pill at the same time everyday. Still, I tried my hardest to take it as normally as I would at home. Because of the time difference i missed one placebo pill and continued trying to take it every 24 hours. I started an active pill and that night I had sex. I had sex with a condom as well but the man came in the condom and we continued to have sex for another 2 minutes. Is it likely that any sperm got out of the condom? Or is this something I should not worry about. I am making myself sick worrying about this and ruining my travels. I think I am worrying so much I am causing myself to have pregnancy symptoms. 

I just want to know if others would be concerned. My bestfriend says to relax and that I will be fine. 


try not to worrry , but you should be fine, just in case take a pregnancy test to be safe or just wait until when you period is suppose to start.