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Hey everyone,
I'm 16 and I'm from Australia.
Okay, last month, my boyfriend and I had a couple of condoms break, he pulled out as soon as they broke, my period was meant to come on November 19th, but on November 13, I started getting the liquidish brown stuff for about 4 days and then I had blood for 2 day, so it all stopped on the 19th, on the 26th it was about the time I should have been ovulating going off when I started my early period, that night, the condom broke and he got pre-cum in me, it's now the 1st of December and I've got that liquidish brown stuff again. what is it?

I also have these things;
Neck aches
back aches
sex hurts
I gag when I try to give head
I'm eating alot (which is weird for me)
I feel like I'm going to throw up alot (but havent thrown up yet)
I'm very irritable.
people who never really got on my nerves, are getting on my nerves.
Sensitive teeth (when I touch them it sends painful shocks up them)
really turned on
cramp right along the pelvic line


Hi Danielle,
Your symptoms sound like pregnancy. One big symptom would also be breast tenderness. You should probably get a pregnancy test. Be sure to seek out good medical care if you are pregnant, take vitamins, because you will have a little life growing inside.