I had sex 3 days before my period but it wasnt fully unprotected. The condom broke pretty early so only a small amount of fluid came out of it, no semen or ejaculation. My period was on time that month. And also the next month. And the month after that as well. But the third time i got my period i had tender breasts right before i slept (only once) and when i woke up they were fine...and was slightly constipated which cleared up for a few days and now its back again. Its not severe but mild constipation. And i've been having some movements in my stomach which feels like a bubble or something popping in my stomach idk its very weird. Other than that i've had no symptoms of pregnancy so far. And my periods have been regular with normal bleeding lasting about 4-5 days and i can see the shedding of the uterus wall which comes out during my period. So is the constipation and weird stomach movements okay? Or should i take a pregnancy test? And if i should when? Cuz my next period is due in about a week from now....and usually you take one if you missed a period. Am i just worrying over nothing?


PLEASE HELP!! Advice and answers would be appreciated please no rude comments or judgements. thank you.