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What are the chances of my gf getting pregnant?We were fooling around and well I just put my hand in my boxers after a while to adjust my penis position. Im sure it had precum with sperm from previous ejaculation there. However it was on my penis for a while + it was exposed to air and the clothing I was wearing. n then adjusting it im sure my hand was a bit germy. I took it out and prolly had a few precum on it. im not sure if I rubbed it off completely or if I did but however to rub my gf vagina, I had to use my same hand to get into her underwear and clothing. then to rub her. My hand wasn't soaked with precum. I doubt it was a lot with not much fluid. Can someone explain to me the chances of getting her pregnant plz?                                                    

 Additional Details Also, We are Virgins, and I don't think my finger went in more than 3cm



Hi Concerned,

It's impossible to say what the chances are.  There are just so many variables.

There is always a chance but in this case it seems fairly unlikely.

Hope it helps.