I have some questions if anyone could answer or throw in some details, it would be much appreciated.

My girlfriend and I had sex, we didnt have a condom. By the time I felt the need to cum, I pulled out and came outside her vagina. I came very minimal amount of sperm, it look as if it was sperm from a younger guy, the type of sperm you start to develop in the first stages of puberty, more like watery substance, still I am 19 and know that I can get a girl pregnant. I came outside and did not urinate after, I heard that there is sperm leftover in the urethra from cumming, and that it cleanses when peeing; but i didn't pee. After a few minutes lets say 5 or 7, we tried again and my penis was very dry and I still wiped it off some covers. I went in and when I felt that I needed to cum I pulled out, and again the sperm wasn't thick more like water liquid. Does precum have sperm in it? I've heard both answers, that it does and that it precum is a way to lube the penis and it doesnt connect to where sperm is made. Could my girlfriend become pregnant with the sperm leftover in my urethra from the first time through precum ? I heard that it takes a lot of sperm to get a girl pregnant, and with my case the leftover sperm is killed with the acidic vaginal substance, so could the chances be minimal ?


Im 19 and had sex with my girlfriend on Jan 1. its jan 3 and i became concerned as she feels sick


also is taking plan B twice a month bad for my girlfriend? birth control scares my gf with the side effects.