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Hi people,

I really need your help. I was arguing with my friend Emilly about this Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss plan, and we, somehow, started to talk about some body types. I think that the only true is that neither she or I don’t know nothing about body types according to Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss plan.

Is there any book or something else that I can find about this?

Do you know what body types are mentioned in Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss plan?

If you have any information, please let me know, I want to know.

Thank you very much!


Hey there,

I think that book could save you and give you answer on your questions as well. Now, I don’t have this book, of course, and the girls from my family doesn’t have it as well. But, I know that this book can help you learn what food should you eat according to your body type, of course, if you want to follow Kyle Leon Customized Fat loss plan. I know that you can find this in his book, because I am pretty sure that he mentioned a lot of things that we even can’t think about. That is all I know. Have a nice day! 



Good day all,

Yes, you are totally right. The book can be answer on your question, and that is why we can’t find a lot of it on the internet. But, if you are a regular person, if you have regular body build, this diet program could really work just fine for you. You will be able to find larger classification set of all body times, that are compared to each other and they are compared with normally used by other programs allows for more precise meal plans. It is pretty great, because it works on your discipline as well.

I hope that you can find my answer helpful.

Have a nice day!