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Hey everyone,

I was reading some article in some magazine for ladies. One lady, she is famous nutritionist, I just can’t remember her name :) and she was talking about some diet programs. Since I am really interested in Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss plan, I found some interesting facts about this diet program. I like it, and I want to follow it as well.

I found information that Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss is fully customizable plan.

Do you know why people say this?

Any special reason? I really want to know this information :)

Let me know!Tnx!


Hi there darling!

Yes it is and the main reason is because you can lose up to 70 pounds in 12 weeks. That is something that makes this plan fully customizable. You really can find a tons of experience that will confirm this theory, and you know that it is true, because it is impossible that a lot of people are happy with something like this without any reason.

So, once again, it is fully customizable plan, nutrition plan that is based on different body types. It is quick, safe and very easy to lose pounds.

Good luck with it! 



Hi people,

Yes, it is, and it is totally, but totally and fully customizable plan, and it is very effective, and that is one reason why this diet plan is very valuable in the whole world :)

I’ve tried to follow it, but I was not able, because I was listening to my wife about it all the time. But, I know that I did some research about this and I know that it is based and prepared for every type of body and you have plan eating and exercise as well, for every body type :)

So, I hope that you can find our answers helpful.

Have a nice day!