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Good day there,

So, I found this Estrolean very, very interesting lately, especially because I am going to the vacation for a month and a few days. LOL.

I was surfing and reading some articles on the internet, and I found such an amazing things about Estrolean weight loss pills. So, I have decide to go to the pharmacy store, and I bought one bottle. Now, I will see how this will work for me.

But, I was wondering do you know what are main ingredients of estrolean weight loss pills? I would be happy to know this  information :)

Thank you! 


My aunt is using those weight loss pills at this moment. They are ok, and they are designed for women. Well, the main ingredients are pomegranate, sea vegetable and apple extract. Those are the main ingredients of this diet pills. When you read about them, when you finally find out what they are, you will be thrilled, because we all do know every single of them. They are really helpful and they will help you lose your weight.

I think that there are no other ingredients, I mean, I am almost positive about this.I really hope that this answer is helpful.

Have a nice day! 



Hey there,

I couldn’t agree more with you. Yes, those are the main ingredients of Estrolean weight loss pills. They are really famous, almost everywhere in the world, and that is why those diet pills are really acceptable at the market. Just think about it, this manufacturer didn’t hide list of ingredients like some of them are doing, and that is why I believe that they are healthy and helpful.

That is my opinion, of course and I really hope that our posts will help you about this.

If you have any other question, feel free to ask.Have a nice day!