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Hey girls,

I really need your advice. So, yesterday, I bought a book about cabbage diet soup to my best friend, because she was only talking about it, nothing else was that good :/

OK, everything was really OK, she was reading this book, but she didn’t found almost anything about “no – no” foods in it. She started to bother me :O

I just can’t believe that there are no section about that issue, I just can’t! Maybe she skipped it, I am starting to think that she didn’t read this book at all :) LOL.

Do you have any idea about this?

What foods are no – no if you are following Cabbage soup diet?



Hey girl,

That book is really complex and I just can’t see how she couldn’t find anything about it :/  She obviously skipped it while she was reading the book, I don’t see any other explanation :)

Now, I believe that she found the list of foods that she can eat, so in that way she will know what she must avoid. It is simple. Somehow, I feel that you are feeling guilty about that, but don’t worry :) Please, tell her to read this book again. So, no fried food, no fast food, no sugar and sweet things, and basically that is it. 



Hey there,

It is not like every other diet program. The cabbage soup diet program is very, very strict. It is very radical weight loss diet, that is designed around heavy consumption of a low – calorie cabbage soup over the time of seven days. So, you have to be strict and follow diet program until the end, just like the menu plan is telling you to do.

Now, if you do that, I am pretty sure that you will lose some pounds, and trust me, you can lose about 4 kilograms in one week.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day! 



Hello everybody,

So basically, all I need to tell her that she is pretty annoying and that she just needs to follow that menu plan from the book, and she needs to follow it for seven days :) Cool :) I believe that you couldn’t give me the better answer, you couldn’t help me more :)

Now, you are totally right, if this diet program is totally strict and defined, than all she needs to do is to follow just like the diet says. Really, why she wants to know no – no groceries?

Maybe she doesn’t want to follow this diet program at all :)


Thank you girls



Hey there

Yes, tell her that she is annoying :)

Just kidding. She can learn a lot from that book, and I still believe that she can find in that book foods that are forbidden if you are on this diet program. Just, she skipped that section or she didn’t read the book at all. That is my opinion.

If she doesn’t want to read this book, she can find seven days meal plan online and she will have solution, without complaining.

Good luck with your friend but I still believe that she doesn’t want to follow this diet :) That this was only a story :D 




LOL, thank you girls.

I was talking on the phone with her yesterday. I asked her did she read this book and she told me that she skipped some sections, just like you guys were saying. She conffesed me that she is not so into this diet program, she was thinking that cabbage soup diet is her kind, but now she changed her opinion.

Now, I don’t see the reason that she would lied to me, but just to be clear, I found the list of the no – no foods and I gave the same one to her and I told her to read this book again :)