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Hi all. I am interested to know more about weight loss programs. I personally never had any weight related problems, by I have a girlfriend who has been struggling wity obesity ever since she was a child.

She has about 40 extra pounds now, and that’s actually good since she had about 60 earlier this year.

I am now investigating in order to find her a proper weight loss plan. Till now, I’ve found some information about Visalus weight loss platform. But there is still a lot that I need to know about it.

That’s why I am here. I’m hoping somebody can tell me for example what is Visalus Body by Vi challenge for a weight loss?


I can explain you anything you need to know about Visalus. I am into it for so long that I can probably answer every one of your questions right now. So please, feel free to ask me anything that you would like to know.

As for this question you asked, let me explain. Visalus has these Challenges, three different types of them (somebody correct me if I am wrong).

 The first challenge includes you focusing on your first 10 lbs that you need to lose and it is called Project 10.

The next challenge is a 90 day challenge called Body by Vi. That is what Body by Vi means- it is the name of one of their challenges.

 And the third is Vi life. Vi life is 12 months challenge. 



Lillian_50, I have one question for you. Since you are so into Visalus, which one of these challenges do you consider the best?

As for the question about Body by Vi, I am sure the person who asked this question knew (s)he was talking about a  weight loss challenge, but wanted to know more information about this particular type of challenge.

Am I right?

Well, Body by Vi includes focusing on a 90-day challenge goal. Since 90 days is a pretty long period you can really transform yourself during it. Now if you really achieve to make a complete transformation of your body, you can actually be awarded for it.

  You then have a chance to become  Vi model, get cash rewards, receive national recognition etc.