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Good day,

I still want to find the best diet program for me. I put on some paper seven or eight diet programs, I am not sure exactly :) but one of them is Extreme fat smash diet. It is extreme, and it must be good, that is my opinion :)

Now, I am not so sure what are the main points of extreme fat smash diet?

No one around me never followed this diet program, and I can’t ask them for their opinion :)

Do you know more? 

If you do, can you share this with me?

Thank you very much.


Hello darling,

There is too much that we can discuss about this diet program. It is true that you can lose your pounds very soon, but I have to recommend you to read the book from this amazing doctor about this diet program. There you can find out a lot of different things, tips and points.

As far as I know, this one has three different cycles and every single of them is very important in your diet process. It has three different categories for those on a diet plan – alpha, beta and gamma. You should google it.

Good luck! 



I have one friend, Billy. Yesterday, we were talking about this diet program. He was following it while he was young. He started this diet program with his roommate while he was at the college, because he needed to lose his weight quickly for championship in basketball between colleges :) Somebody told him about this diet program, and he really started to follow it.

The main points of this diet program is to stay focused on it, totally, to follow main tips of this program, and then you will be able to see some results and lose your weight.

Nothing special, but still very important.