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Good day everyone,

I am considering to start Kyle Leon Customized Fat loss program. A few days ago, I had some lecture from some guy, who claims to be his friend, and he was talking about this diet program. This guy was pretty annoying, but that didn’t change my opinion about this diet program. I am thrilled and I believe that this should be my next step, my second option.

I was wondering, can you have any side – effect if you are following Kyle Leon Customized Fat loss program?

I am scared only of this issue.

Please, let me know.


Good day there,

I have a good news – you don’t have to be worried about anything! There are no harmful side - effects about in Kyle Leon Customized Fat loss program :) Of course, you can meet some side – effects, but I believe that the most important thing is that any of them just can’t harm your health :) That is pretty good :)

My friend Kimberly was on this diet program, and she didn’t had any single side – effects in one year and four months.

I believe that this means something.

I hope that this is helpful!  Enjoy your day! 



I was following this diet program, but only for two months, because I got sick and I needed to switch to some other diet program. But, even if that was only in two months, I have to say that I am really proud at my success, because I was able to lose 7 pounds, and that was pretty impressive result for me.

Now, about side – effects, I did have some of them, such as headaches and lower abdomen pain, but that is nothing. So, I can say as well that you really don’t need to be afraid, because you will be just fine :)

Good luck!