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It is impossible to reduce fat on just a particular area (also called Spot Reduction). Fat loss have to be an overall thing. The most important thing to do is to take note of your Exercise and Diet.

I personally always advise and follow my simplified 3 points of weight loss. Below is an excerpt of 1 of the advice that I had provided and is the same guidelines that I will use. Please let us know if you do require more information than that, or if it is not relevant to you.

"The 3 points are M.E.D.


This is all about your mental strength and support towards achieving your weight loss goal. This will be my number 1 priority, because only when the mindset is right, then can you follow through with the next 2 points, Exercise and Diet. This point is applicable to every single person who wants to achieve their goals.

First, my advice is to share with everyone that is close to you. The people who support you will constantly remind you and may even help you be becoming your weight loss buddy. They can help you in both being your exercise buddy and diet buddy.

Secondly, for those who chose not to believe in you, just understand that it is you who get the benefits, use their negativity to power your desire to achieve your weight loss.

Lastly, it takes lots of COURAGE, DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE to lose weight. Courage to persevere when others or you doubt yourself, courage to share to others. Determination to keep pushing yourself and being accountable to yourself in achieving your goal. Discpline in keeping to your schedule and plans, without distraction or much unneeded amendments (proper flexibility in your program should still be there).


Once your mindset is set, or you made it your goal. Just go ahead and get a new pair of workout shoes or engage a trainer (if you really want and can afford a customized program or someone to constantly challenge you).

Exercising can be as easy as just ensuring that your physical activity level is increasing and slowly building up to at least 30 minutes of constant exercise. As I'm unaware of your current lifestyle and fitness level, it will be hard to really advise you accordingly.

You can start by going for brisk walking, swimming or jogging (or any other cardio exercises) for at least 20 to 30 minutes, once every week (if you have not been active), or every alternate days (I do it everyday) if you have been active.

You may even decide to consider doing interval trainings, HIIT, or resistance training. These has all been proven to help in weight loss, while building some muscles and increasing your fitness. It can be effective for you if you do have the knowledge on how to do them safely with the right planning. With the extra muscles, you will be able to increase metabolism up to 48 hours after the workout, and burn more fats.

Some simple bodyweight exercises will be just to do Moutain Climbers, Push Ups, Lunges, Squats, etc. Aim to work out as many muscles as possible. You can PM me if you do require more help in details.


This will be the main focus of the whole plan. It is easier to out-diet a poor exercise plan than to out-exercise a poor diet plan. This is because, even if you are not exercising, your body will still be burning off fats, though it will take a longer time than if you combine both diet and exercise plan.

There have been many diet fads out there, and many contradicting reviews too. Some encourage eating 6 small meals, some focuses on a particular type of food, etc.

I, however prefer to keep it simple. I still keep my basic 3 meals. No snacks in between, and each meals are served at half or 3/4 of their normal serving. This is supplemented by drinking with lots of water throughout the whole day, as at times, our body misinterpret thirst as hunger, and therefore we eat more. Drinking water will also help you boost your metabolism by at least 20%, which will definitely help in fat loss.

However, my diet plan may work for me, and not for you. So it is best if you can try out different methods to see which works for me. A general guide is to aim for long term, sustainable results, rather than just the immediate results. So try not to adjust your diet too drastically, but gradually, and eventually you will realise your appetite will get smaller.

I do have a relative who eats only 1 meal a day (normal dinner only) and drink fruit juice (mixture of 3 fruits and spoonful of protein powder). The fruit juice did assist her with suppressing her hunger for the whole day till dinner. I suspect it might be the protein, as protein had been proven to help in hunger suppression. So you may also decide to include slightly more protein in your meals (carbohydrates and fats are still required though).

For fats, try to limit intake of saturated and have unsaturated fat. If your family do cook, try to use extra virgin olive oil instead. And if you have nothing to eat, before exercising, you can consider using Extra Virgin Cocunut Oil (warning! it is pure oil) for the extra boost of energy, or just keep some sweets with you for emergency, in case your blood sugar level dips too much and you go into a hypoglycemic state.


Hope I did help you out there, although this is a long post. I personally have struggled with weight loss 3 years back. It is until I enlisted for my National Service that I was pushed and forced to lose weight. So I do understand how hard it can be without support, accountability and programming/plans. Feel free to keep me updated on your progress or let me know if you need more help."



thank you very much.will skipping rope help as an exercise?