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my last period was on the 14 of Sept and i had sex on the 26 of Sept and this is the time that i ovulate so the calender say but what i want to know is could i be pregnant i have bad headache breast are sore i can't lay on them my right nipple hurt really don't know if the left one hurt cause it inverted.i feel little nausea milky white discharge but it don't smell i don't start my next period until the 12 of Oct. but is there still a change that i could be pregnant and i'm also a smoker so could that mess the change that i am i hope so hehe..

and today i started to cramp.


hey! I am kinda going through the same thing. (only im 16 days late) The fact you smoke wont change the chance of you getting pregnant. Those all are pregnancy symptoms but im not sure i you would be experiencing all of those this soon. One thing you could be looking for at this time is brownish spotting which could be implantation bleeding. You could be pregnant but its still too early to tell. Keep a look out for spotting and try to wait a couple more days. If you are really wondering, there are some pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy a couple days before your missed period. I would stay away from any pregnancy tests that use blue dye. My suggestion would be to use First Response. They are cheaper and right now you can get 3 tests in one box for the price of 2 tests :-) Just wait a couple of days and see what happens. You may not get a positive pregnancy test even if you are in fact pregnant. Just keep an eye on your symptoms and any new symptoms. Keep me updated!! I hope that everything goes well with you!

**If anyone could help me as well it would be lovely. I am 16 days late and having multiple pregnancy symptoms *Dizziness *Headaches *Cramping in my abdomen *Lower backache *Tired *A lot of white discharge *Very sore breasts (a new symptom) and *some nausea. I have had multiple negative home pregnancy tests. I just dont know whats going on. Every week i seem to get a new symptom. I have a doctors appointment this week for a blood test but just need to ease my mind.